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Why 21 drops?

We take Science Seriously

The science of scent is at the heart of our company! We use specially-selected oils that work together for synergistic health benefits based on extensive research. Each essential oil we select has powerful properties that provide optimal results, and smell great too!

High Quality Ingredients
Scientific Studies

High Quality = Beauty,
Brain & Body Boost

Because you deserve to look and feel your absolute best, we take the steps necessary to ensure all our essential oils are therapeutic quality, 100% organic or wild-crafted, and sourced from artisan distillers around the globe. We take it one step further and verify the purity of our oils through 3rdparty testing. We are also one of the few companies to use 100% organic jojoba oil for optimal absorption.

The Jojoba Oil Difference
3rd party testing
Therapeutic Quality

We are Customer Crazed

It is you, our customer, who drives our purpose and our passion! Our mission is to help people look and feel awesome. To ensure you enjoy the best results, we have dedicated, certified aromatherapists on staff to answer any of your questions and offer natural solutions.

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Over 200 Reviews

I have Traumatic Brain Injury from my last tour of duty. I have severe anxiety, memory issues, and i've been on several antidepressants and antipsychotics for my mental health, all of which fall short of getting the job done. I have headaches 24/7. Today was the first time in I can't remember when that I found relief in something. Within minutes I could feel my headache go away. After trying the de-stress roll on, I could feel my anxiety get better. These didn't turn me into a normal person, but they've helped me so much better than any medication. Worth every penny!

Shane S.

I have been using 21 Drops for about 2 years. My favorite thing, well that would be that it's a roll-on. But the primary thing is that the smells are fresh, green scents that stick with you all day long. I think about what I need from that day (de-stress, focus, etc) and use that scent. The day rolls out from there.

Christine K.

They smell AWESOME and the smell lasts longer than most I have tried. Most importantly they work!! No one in my house has been sick yet this year, my daughter with ADHD is using the sleep one and falls to sleep quickly and I had a headache a few weeks ago and was able to relieve it without ingesting any meds. I was a skeptic... but I would HIGHLY recommend, and will be buying more for holiday gifts!

Tatiana C.

Amazing Aromatherapy Product. I am not much a believer in aromatherapy but 21 drops works amazingly.

Kayla S.

I am SO impressed with these oils. The positive reviews were right! Great blends, nice packaging and you can get a matching display rack. The blends are not at all overpowering. Definitely recommended!

Riotnrrrd S.

These lovely oils have become my natural medicine cabinet. I cannot believe how effective they are. The Sleep and De-Stress oils are at the top of my list lately, but I love them all so much. Highly recommend if you're looking for natural methods to address modern problems.

Gina P.