How to Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy

During pregnancy women experience a whole bevy of ailments that can be treated with essential oils. Sure, when you weren’t pregnant, you may have just reached for any kind of over-the-counter medication that claimed to fix your condition, but now you have to think twice about the side effects these medications could have on your fetus. You don’t have to suffer cold turkey through morning sickness, allergies, indigestion and headaches, though. There are effective holistic remedies such as essential oils to help you.

The Most Helpful Essential Oils for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Sleep: 21 drops Sleep — an antioxident rich blend of ylang ylang, vetiver, sandalwood & palmarosa — can work wonders for relaxation and sleep support.

Labor: Wild orange and peppermint during pushing provide the energy and revitalization needed to get through the exhaustion. Or if you need to diminish the drama, 21 drops Calm is a blend that’s all about serenity.

Educate yourself, breathe in and let nature take its course.

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How and when to use essential oils during pregnancy.

Originally Posted 2017

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