Muscle Ease Roll On

Muscle Ease Roll On

Muscle Ease Essential Oil Blend "soothes what ails you." This antioxidant-rich, customized blend with nourishing jojoba oil, fuses these proven powerful ingredients:

Juniper to ease discomfort  

Myrrh to help soothe muscles

Ginger to help with circulation

Helichrysum to aid bruised areas 

100% PURE ESSENTIAL OILS - At 21 drops, we only use premium, 1st press oils, giving you the most concentrated and effective extraction from the plant. The ultra-portable roll-on applicator is simple to use, and makes it easy to find relief no matter where you are. Throw it in a purse, place it bedside or leave it at work - the secure roller ball design won’t leak or break.

CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Each ingredient in 21 drops' carefully formulated blends is grown organically or wild-crafted, resulting in a product that is 100% natural, certified organic, and provides effective results.

EVERY BATCH GC/MS TESTED FOR PURITY - Our oils are rigorously tested for purity by 3rd-party laboratories to ensure the oils are unadulterated by toxins. Rest easy knowing you are using pure, organic, therapeutic quality oils every time.