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Retro - Bringing back the original 21 21 drops Essential Oils

Retro - Bringing back the original 21

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Miss the original 21drops blends, we are bringing them back for a limited time so you can stock up! 

They will NOT have the silicone sleeves we shed to be more eco-friendly and will come in our custom box in our regular packaging that we use for custom blends. 

Each blend will be 10mL: Choose the blend you want in the drop down. 

Invigorate Essential Oil Blend: Rosemary stimulates the mind, Juniper energizes and invigorates, Black Pepper enlivens and motivates, Cedarwood maximizes endurance.

PMS Relief Essential Oil Blend: Jasmine softens emotions, Grapefruit eases tension and uplifts, Geranium helps balance and support, Palmarosa balances moods.

Strength Essential Oil Blend: Rosemary boosts clarity, Rose soothes and helps heal the heart, Cedarwood encourages perseverance.

Hangover Essential Oil Blend: Juniper helps flush out toxins, Lavender soothes nerves, Cardamom refreshes, settles the stomach, Geranium helps purify and support.

Headache Essential Oil Blend: Peppermint invigorates, cools, awakens, Lavender pacifies, nurtures, rebalances, Rosewood clears the mind, calms nerves.

Passion Essential Oil Blend: Jasmine diminishes fears, inhibitions, Rose invites feelings of love, Sandalwood encourages self-acceptance, Cardamom enlivens, refreshes.

Equalize Essential Oil Blend: Rose soothes the heart, eases despair, Frankincense balances emotions, Sandalwood creates inner peace, harmony, Palmarosa promotes stability.

Pain Relief Essential Oil Blend: Juniper helps ease discomfort, Helichrysum aids bruised areas, Myrrh helps sooth muscles, Ginger helps with circulation.

Focus Essential Oil Blend: Rosemary reduces fogginess, Peppermint stimulates the mind, Frankincense induces clarity.

Calm Essential Oil Blend: Sweet Orange alleviates fear, frustration, Jasmine helps relieve depression, Vetiver nurtures, restores nerves.

De-Stress Essential Oil Blend: Lavender reduces anxiety, Ylang Ylang helps ease panic attacks, German Chamomile reduces tension, Frankincense quiets the mind.

Uplift Essential Oil Blend: Helichrysum buoys the spirit, Rose soothes the heart, eases despair, Lavender nurtures, balances emotions, German Chamomile  aids emotional healing.

Carry On Essential Oil Blend: Helichrysum soothes emotional trauma, Sandalwood provides encouragement, Rose soothes grief, helps heal the heart, Lavender nurtures, balances emotions, Frankincense softens feelings of destress.

Immunity Essential Oil Blend: Rosewood provides fortification and support, Eucalyptus helps defend against contaminants, Ravintsara helps fight "what's going around," Lavender helps purify the body.

Decongest Essential Oil Blend: Ravintsara helps ease congestion, Eucalyptus helps fight contaminants, Myrrh aids in breathing relief, Black Pepper helps ease congestion.

The Change Essential Oil Blend: Geranium fosters stability and security, Sweet Orange encourages positive outlook, Cedarwood reduces lethargy, restores vitality.

Digest Essential Oil Blend: Cardamom eases the stomach, Ginger helps diminish nausea, German Chamomile helps reduce stomach distress, Sweet Orange helps relieve upset stomach.

Sleep Essential Oil Blend: Ylang Ylang encourages peace, Vetiver soothes, helps with relaxation, Sandalwood quiets the mind, Palmarosa helps diminish anxiety.

Will Power Essential Oil Blend: Cedarwood helps increase strength, endurance, Ginger lights the fire, encourages resolve, Geranium fosters a sense of stability.

Abstain Essential Oil Blend: Grapefruit satiates desire, alleviates appetite, Juniper cleanses, stimulates, invigorates, Cardamom eases the stomach.

Inspire Essential Oil Blend: Sandalwood quiets mental activity, Black Pepper releases blocked energy, Cedarwood grounds and supports confidence.

Over 200 Reviews

These lovely oils have become my natural medicine cabinet. I cannot believe how effective they are. The Sleep and De-Stress oils are at the top of my list lately, but I love them all so much. Highly recommend if you're looking for natural methods to address modern problems.

Gina P.

I am SO impressed with these oils. The positive reviews were right! Great blends, nice packaging and you can get a matching display rack. The blends are not at all overpowering. Definitely recommended!

Riotnrrrd S.

Amazing Aromatherapy Product. I am not much a believer in aromatherapy but 21 drops works amazingly.

Kayla S.

I have been suffering from insomnia for years and have tried everything to sleep through the night. I rub a little on my wrists, forehead and chin. I have no problems falling asleep and now I usually don't wake up until the morning.

S. Bernstein

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I recommend this product
Invigorate is Indeed Invigorating

When I first used the product, I was a bit skeptical because the scent from the roll on was mild until you put it on the pressure points suggested. Invigorate has a wonderful smell and aided me throughout the day to focus on my work and provided the energy I needed to finish the day strong reapplying only two to three times.

cristina s.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Favorite blend

Carry on is one of my all time favorite oils , it helps me to stay calm and relaxed, so happy I was able to buy it again.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Love it!

Tried the Invigorate oil and feel it really does help with energy and focus, smells great, too!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Love this oil, I feel it works very well and so glad that product is back on the shelf.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Excellent customer service

I bought 3 of the retro blends, because I was so excited to finally have them back! Unfortunately, one of the three seemed to just be carrier oil - even shaking the vial to distribute the oils didn't help. I'm happy to report that customer service responded to me promptly. They went above and beyond to find a solution. Great company, great products. (Do yourselves a favor and grab the *** blend while it's here - you'll thank me later!)