Scent Training Kit 21 drops Essential Oils

Scent Training Kit

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While you may be happy not to smell certain (bathroom) smells, the loss of scent is a serious condition and growing in numbers.  Scent training has been shown to help (see reasons to believe below) restore smell through consistent exposure to essential oils. Because it is a slow and steady wins the race type training, it is best to make it a part of your everyday routine. Taking a few moments everyday to stop and smell can also help you get grounded and over time hopefully, get your sense of smell back.

Kit Includes 4 inhalers - easy to carry with you





We recommend, inhalers are refreshed every 2 months. 

For best results, sniff each inhaler for up to 20 seconds, twice a day, for at least four months.

Do not get discouraged if you do not initially smell anything. Essential oils work their magic even if you don't "smell" them.

Essential oils work on both a psychological and physiological level.  

Reasons to Believe:

Over 200 Reviews

These lovely oils have become my natural medicine cabinet. I cannot believe how effective they are. The Sleep and De-Stress oils are at the top of my list lately, but I love them all so much. Highly recommend if you're looking for natural methods to address modern problems.

Gina P.

I am SO impressed with these oils. The positive reviews were right! Great blends, nice packaging and you can get a matching display rack. The blends are not at all overpowering. Definitely recommended!

Riotnrrrd S.

Amazing Aromatherapy Product. I am not much a believer in aromatherapy but 21 drops works amazingly.

Kayla S.

I have been suffering from insomnia for years and have tried everything to sleep through the night. I rub a little on my wrists, forehead and chin. I have no problems falling asleep and now I usually don't wake up until the morning.

S. Bernstein